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A misaligned atlas vertebra may be one of the most common reasons for reduced stamina, limited strength and constant tiredness. When nerves between the skull and the body suffer from damage, the brain needs to produce constant electrical impulses that deplete the nervous system of energy, and make you feel exhausted or drowsy.


If you lack vitality, feel continuously tired or live with chronic fatigue, the HumanUP method may dramatically improve your condition. Atlas realignment may leadsto restored energy levels within the brain, increased overall physical endurance and mobility, greater ability of the body to recover and enables quality sleep.


A testimonial from the book "Testimonials of the reborn"


Six months ago, I was severely injured by a falling tree. I felt pain and blockages at the bottom of my neck, in my shoulder and one arm. Two weeks after the incident, magnetic resonance revealed ossification of the cervical vertebrae, and I continued to feel discomfort and pressures in my head and in my heart. Apart from reduced physical movement, I experienced anxiety, fear and depression. Two months after the accident, I felt worse. One day, I tried to measure my blood pressure, but the value was so high the device was not even able to display it. It was then that I realized I must urgently seek help, or potentially suffer cardiac arrest or stroke.

As I was researching online, I came across atlasology and Predrag Djordjevic. His practice in Preporod seemed trustworthy, and the HumanUP  method was considerably cheaper than other therapies. As soon as Mr. Djordjevic tuned up my atlas, I felt immediate relief in my neck and head, and my mobility improved right away. My blood pressure dropped, and I slept peacefully for the first time in two months. Gradually, my chronic cough that was wrecking my lungs went away, and I felt that I was significantly less tired.

But that was only the beginning. For more than two decades, my vertebra in the lumbar part of the spine occasionally sprang out of place and literally pinned me to the bed. I also suffered from chronic knee pain that dramatically affected my ability to drive. After my first visit to Predrag Djordjevic, both problems disappeared. For a long time, I had something similar to gastritis, where my stomach would drop and stay below my waistline. After my atlas realignment, my belly returned to normal. My head and neck became more flexible, I never have any headaches, and the coldness I used to feel in my hands and feet is gone. I can say with confidence that the HumanUP method not only greatly improved my health but possibly saved my life.

Recently, I have started to attend the HumanUP training programme in Preporod, Serbia. I used to own a successful company, but now I feel that helping others through the atlas tune up technique is the most fulfilling thing I can do with my life. I can't wait to start helping others, and to change people's lives, just as Predrag Djordjevic changed mine.


Vladica Blagojević (49), Petrovac na Mlavi

All testimonials are subjective and not based on clinical trials.


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