A mum of toddler twins, enjoyed the HumanUmethod and has plenty of energy to run around with her children:
"Prevention is better than cure"
Julia S. London
A thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing experience.
The release of tension and the feeling of "lightness" afterwards is very satisfying.
Rich S., London
"It’s much more than just a massage. Natalia helps and guide how to have a healthier life."
Vinicious, London
"I sleep better and wake up with more energy. I feel great. I would recommend this method to everyone. You will bi surprised. It is like magic."
Stane C., London
“I was feeling a bit down. After atlas tune up I was able to go to a rock concert on my own and spend the whole day around London."
Corina, London
"The therapist was helping me with neck stiffness.
After the treatment I felt taller for an inch and my posture improved.
I can’t thank her enough for making me feel totally comfortable and at ease."
Lydia V., London


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There are numerous stories, collected and published in these books: 
As this method is new in the UK, we will be update our testimonials as time goes on.
Testimonilas about HumanUP atlas tune up method

Mirjana Bulatović



The handwriting of an eleven-year-old boy from Veles (Macedonia). After his fall at the age of four, he used to hate writing because his hand would shake, making his handwriting illegible.

The parents have submitted to us a sample of boy's manuscripts before and after the atlas tune up.

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The inventor Predrag Djordjevic has treated more than 200 medical doctors and some well-known figures such as:

  • Dragan Djajić, football player for the Red Star and his teammates

  • Milka Stojanović, opera singer 

  • Branko Milicevic Kockice, opera singer

  • Mile Djokic, painter

  • Ivanka Lukateli, prima ballerina

  • brothers Teofilović, singers

HOW  I became ATLASOLOGIST     Predrag Djordjevic

(Allergies, inflammations, colds, exhaustion, tiredness, headaches, rheumatism, neuralgia)

Read the story of Predrag Djordjevic, the inventor of the HumanUP method


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