WHY is our method so EFFECTIVE?

It promotes a sense of general wellbeing

Our service includes:

a consultation and advice on your lifestyle

the atlas tune up, designed to provide physical improvements and long-term results

Our treatment process:

  • You fill in a questionnaire *

  • A practitioner consults with you and examines you

  • They determine whether your atlas is misaligned

  • You sit down, relax and receive a complimentary massage of your upper back, shoulders and neck

  • This is followed by a massage of ligaments in your nape area with a special massager

  • There is a check-up and, if needed, a final adjustment

  • Three additional check-ups in the first year are obligatory ( if needed more, those are free)

In the past


After HumanUP method

Price list:

Our location: Bermondsey SE16 3UD

£157 one payment (Includes initial Atlas tune up and two check ups) ** or

£100 + 35 +35 if paid in instalments

Your location (10km radius from location):

£200 one payment or

£117 + 57 +57 if paid in instalments

Request for Ad-hoc treatment room:

£245 one payment or

£132 + £72 +72

*We will ask you about any past physical accidents, surgeries, current medication, existing health problems and your blood type.

** Individuals with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, advanced multiple sclerosis, advanced cancer and other severe illnesses receive their treatment  FREE of charge.

About the HumanUP method

  • Our atlas alignment technique is only performed by practitioners who complete their HumanUP method, training, and obtain a permission to use this technique.

  • The atlas tune up is suitable for babies and young children, as it may promote their healthy growth and development.

  • It may also provide benefits for the elderly. It may increase their quality of life, improve physical and mental health and may imrpove vitality and wellbeing.

What can you expect after the atlas tune up?

Due to its effects on human health, the atlas tune up can be one of the most important events in your life.

While you may be doubtful at this point, after your atlas realignment, many aspects of your life may become different and undisputedly better. In the first month following your treatment, your organism will start a process of self-healing. This could initiate changes within your body which can be both pleasant and unpleasant. We explain to every individual what he or she may expect, based on their personal history and physical condition. If you feel any discomfort or distress, contact us and we will advise and help you.

After your realignment session, the spine will gradually self-correct while you stand and walk.

If your spine was too curved or too straight, its return to the correct position and shape should be accelerated. Brain signals may reach all organs more effectively, and this also means a faster recovery. Before going to bed, support your spine with a rolled towel for ten minutes (this will be explained in detail by your atlasologist). As the body starts to adjust, some individuals may experience pain in new places, but any discomfort should disappear when the process is over. Atlas realignment is often accompanied by neck pain. Try to press a piece of woollen fabric onto the affected area, drink Melissa tea and avoid milk and dairy products.

In the days following the atlas tune up, individuals with serious health issues and chronic illnesses might require more rest and sleep than others

This is a positive thing. Your organism recovers faster and more effectively during sleep. Drink two litres of water every day and adjust your diet. It is important that you listen to your body and its needs. Our Simple tips section provides further help and recommendations, designed to possibility to strengthen your health and heal you from within. 

The speed of your recovery depends on the initial distortion of your spine

After a few months, your body's blood vessels might start to clear up, high blood pressure might gradually disappear, thyroid glands might function better and blood sugar levels might get back to normal. When your diseases start to dissipate, and your doctor explicitly agrees, you can begin to reduce your medication, including insulin (make sure you get permission of your doctor). You can also help the self-healing process by drinking a glass of water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in the morning and in the evening. Headache sufferers might reduce their painkiller intake. When you do get a headache as the body heals, try drinking two glasses of water, lie on your back, shut your eyes and keep still for about ten minutes.

Would YOU like to be your BEST?  

Predrag Djordjevic


In this book, Predrag Djordjevic explores atlas misalignment, its cause and consequences. Drawing on his studies and observations, he shares his knowledge and offers detailed advice on healthy living.


This book provides information about the atlas and discusses possible causes of its misalignment.


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