Massage reduces muscle tension in your neck, arms and back. It prevents diseases associated with recurrent movements, increases concentration at work, accelerates circulation and removes stress.

Our chair massage and its benefits:

  • verified masseuses

  • suitable for an office environment

  • keep your clothes on

  • no oils

  • effect in only 15 minutes

Satisfied employees  make successful company!


According to a recent study by Harvard scientists, 40% of adults feel stressed before the day even begins. Other studies have continuously shown that employees who are happy at work are also generally more productive. Massage in the workplace is thus an investment in human capital

Our office-friendly head massage therapy contributes to a better workplace environment as it provides immediate results and offers a number of benefits:

 relaxation within 10 to 15 minutes

  •  lower risks of occupational and work-related stress

  •  increased concentration, motivation and productivity of employees

  •  improved work-relations

  •  reduced employee turnover

  •  fewer sick days

  •  higher level of competitiveness of your company

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Swedish Massage

Our Swedish massage technique relaxes your entire body, increases the level of oxygen in your blood, decreases muscle toxins and improves circulation. It uses long gliding strokes that ease your muscles and keep your ligaments and tendons supple.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to promote healing and a sense of well-being and relaxation. Essential oils contain the same properties found in herbs and plants that are used for extraction.

Suzana Munda

Massage therapist



Suzi is a professional massage therapist. She uses specialized techniques that relax and manipulate your muscles and a variety of methods, including the Swedish massage, the Indian Head massage and Aromatherapy.

You can choose a full body massage or a massage for specific body parts.

Swedish massage              £35/h 
Aromatherapy                   £39/h
Head massage                   £29/half hour
Call Suzana directly to book:
07410 973 734
for quotes of other time frames

Werner Zimmermann

Massage therapist

Mobile in London


Werner holds diplomas in Aromatherapy, the Swedish massage, the Indian Head massage and the Hot stone massage.

You can choose a full body massage or a massage for specific body parts.

Corporate:               from £8/10 min
Swedish massage              £45/h 
Aromatherapy                   £49/h
Head massage                   £35/half hour
Phone 07774 18 22 99
for quotes of other time frames


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