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"Throughout my life, I was plagued by allergies, inflammations, colds, exhaustion and fatigue, headaches, strong rheumatic and neurological pains and hypersensitivity to some foods. Initially, I relied on medicine and doctors, but there seemed to be no changes to my health. When I turned to natural medicine, there were some improvements, but most of my health issues continued. After the age of forty, all my problems worsened; I started experiencing painful mouth ulcers that prevented me from sleeping, eating and just living my life. I was constantly weak and apathetic.

In September 2009, I came across a newspaper article about the atlas. I started making inquiries and, three weeks later, I had my first vertebra realigned with the Swiss method. This day has marked my life so much it is now more important to me than my actual birthday because, on that day, I was reborn. Most of my life-long health problems disappeared within three months (the last one, neuralgia, vanished two and a half years later), and I began to feel stronger, more balanced and enthusiastic. In Čačak, where I lived and worked, my sudden recoveries inspired more than two hundred people to undergo the atlas treatment themselves. All this has not only transformed my life, but I also became determined to personally contribute to the health of others.

While the Swiss method worked for me 100 per cent, I later learned that my own misalignment (to the left and to the back) affects only one in three thousand people. Through my further research, I discovered that there are six different forms of atlas misalignment, and all of these required a new method that would successfully work for everyone."

Predrag Djordjevic was born in 1958 in Čačak. He now lives and practices atlasology in Belgrade and Novi Sad. Djordjevic was one of the first students of the Swiss inventor of atlas realignment through a massage therapy, Rene Schümperli. After his training, he began to practice Schümperli's technique and came to the conclusion that it was not complete. Through changes and additions, he perfected the massage procedure and introduced the HumanUP method of atlas tune up. Today, he writes books and trains new aspiring atlasologists.


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