For thousands of years, people of all cultures have paid special attention to the neck area and its structure. There were many attempts to remove obstructions in the nape area, and some proved to be more successful than others. Shaolin Monks and Yogis, for example, used the thumb to push the base of the skull and rotate the head, and this method resulted in significant physical improvements.

However, in was not until the 19th century that the relationship between human health and the spine was clearly established. In 1897, Daniel Palmer, the father of chiropractic, realised that misaligned bones in the human body were the underlying cause of all diseases. He also theorised that the vast majority of misalignments was in the topmost part of the spinal column, and this area could be altered when correctly repositioned. 

Since Palmer's discovery, a number of doctors and scientists have attempted to find the most effective way to realign the first vertebra permanently, and the use of non-invasive techniques has become widespread. One of the most important innovators in the practice of atlas realignment is Dr. Rene Schümperli. The Swiss inventor discovered that the atlas does not respond well to physical force, and thus it requires a gentle massage of ligaments. Schümperli effectively revolutionised the way practitioners manipulate the atlas, contributing to a better understanding of the human body.

Predrag Djordjevic was one of the first students of Dr. Rene Schümperli. After his training, Djordjevic began to practice Schümperli's technique and arrived at the conclusion that it was not complete. Through changes and additions, he perfected the massage procedure and introduced the HumanUmethod of atlas tune up.


"Schümperli developed his method based on the observations that the atlas was always offset to the left, but I have noticed that such cases are rare, and that the atlas is mostly misaligned to the right. He didn’t know if the atlas was misaligned backwards or forwards either. I started perfecting his method, and I got better results.

I spent three more years developing my technique, until I finally succeeded. My discovery thus ended the search for a correct way of realigning the atlas, which lasted for thousands of years. I think this is the most important discovery of mankind, because it is connected to our health; and I believe that the future will confirm this."

Predrag Djordjevic is the father and inventor of HumanUP method

of atlas tune up.

He is a writer and a great humanitarian.

At the prestigious Balkan Awards, held in February 2018 in Belgrade, Djordjevic was awarded for his achievements and innovations in atlasology and human health.


Predrag Djordjevic

is the founder and the president of Society of Revival of life (Preporod zivota) in Serbia. He also trains a new generation of atlasologists, striving to help people all over the world without conventional medicine.

"Becoming an atlasologist is an exceptional honour, privilege and responsibility. Currently, atlasology is virtually an unknown profession, but I am convinced it will soon become one of the most respected and noble vocations. It helps people to improve their health—the most valuable thing in life. While there are medically-educated atlasologists, we do not use conventional medicine because we are not doctors. In fact, doctors often come to us to realign their atlases.

There is less and less trust in institutions and systems that should better our lives and society but fail to do so. However, we still believe in science, and this is one of the reasons the science of atlas should be established and mainstreamed. To make the public aware of this ground-breaking solution to many health problems, evidence-based research is urgently required. Atlasology is preventative and, therefore, it has the potential to become the most important field of medicine. When this happens, I will be grateful to all those who have supported atlasology thus far".


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