In 1897, Daniel Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, theorised that misaligned bones in the human body were the underlying cause of all diseases. Now we know that most misalignments are in the spinal column, which affects the vascular, nervous and lymphatic systems.

When atlas is misaligned, it may create pressure, tensions, irritation, a disruption of blood flow and of cerebrospinal fluid circulation, and postural distortion in the spine. Over time, these issues might cause mild to severe health problems. Long-term brain congestion results in neurodegenerative issues, and any damage to the vagus nerve can trigger heart and lung problems, digestive and bowel disorders, high blood pressure, Bell's palsy or chronic pain.


The HumanUP method may remove the blockage between your head and the body, enabling healthy blood circulation and transmission of electrical signals. The atlas tune up technique may trigger self-healing, and may enable the brain to function properly -  to scan all physiological functions for potential correction and healing. Your entire bodily system may start to reclaim its natural ability to restore its balance and develop optimal health.


A testimonial from the book "Testimonials of the reborn"


When I was in my fifties my health started to deteriorate. I had serious problems, which tormented not only my wife and me, but Austrian doctors as well. I was 80 percent disabled.

My blood pressure used to be extremely high, 290/140, so I was in danger of a heart attack or stroke. At the age of fifty-four I had two stents placed, and later a bypass surgery. Soon my sugar level wasn’t good. It was five times the normal level.

I suffered a stroke at the age of fifty-eight. My body started to hurt, so for seven or eight years I used to take a lot of medicines.

After Predrag Djordjevic realigned my atlas with HumanUmethod I soon stopped taking medicines. It used to be very difficult for me to get out of the car, and I had to use a walker once I was out. However, my wife and I started walking three kilometres down a forest path every night. Austrian doctors were surprised when they saw me and my findings, and I told them I no longer took any pills and that I was doing fine.


Vlado Lukac, Dornbirn, Austria


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