There are several reasons why people suffer from depression, mood swings and cognitive disorders. While one's personality, genetics and environmental factors contribute to psychological problems in some individuals, biochemistry plays a crucial role in the mental health of all people.


When there is tension and venous drainage within the skull, chemical composition in brain structures can be altered, and thus lead to symptoms of depression and sadness.


Atlas realignment may remove pressures on nerves, veins and the brainstem. By possible decrease of pains or discomforts, the HumanUP method may promote wellbeing. This, in turn, may lead to higher self-esteem, reduced stress levels, and may result in overall improvements in your everyday life.


A testimonial from the book "Testimonials of the reborn"

As a child, I cracked my skull and ended up in coma for three days. This has surely had health consequences, as I am sick quite often. I have multiple sclerosis, a damaged salivary gland, problems with my thyroid and the cartilage in my left shoulder joint has receded. As a result, I suffered from depression for more than five years. The last six months were particularly difficult. I cried when I woke up and when I went to sleep, and no amount of antidepressants would help. Every night, I begged God not to wake up.

Three months ago, Predrag Djordjevic realigned my atlas. It was extremely painful, and I could hardly bear it. It took me five minutes to recover, but when I did, I burst out laughing. I felt this overflowing happiness that completely changed my mental state. Since then, my depression has disappeared, and I've become a different person! I also walk faster and have no more difficulties getting out of bed.

Predrag told me that everything else I deal with will gradually change as well. Based on all the improvements I have already experienced, I don't doubt this. The HumanUP method worked like a charm!


Danica Djuričić (58), Novi Sad


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