Back pain

Back pain is most often associated with poor posture, a sedentary lifestyle or stress. The human head strives for balance and stability, and when the atlas is misaligned, ait may put an excessive strain on muscles which may create painful tension in the neck, shoulders and back. This can cause different levels of discomfort and pain on one or both sides of the body.


If you suffer from continuous back pain, you may already know that physical exercises and massage provide only short-term solutions. People, who have decided for HumanUP method of atlas tune up, have reported positive results and improvements in the level of back pain.


A testimonial from the book "Testimonials of the reborn"

It has been two years since I had my atlas realigned at Preporod with the HumanUmethod. Before that, I had a terrible spondylosis of the cervical spine, a kyphosis and a scoliosis of the lumbar part, and shorter left leg due to disrupted statics. Both hips were damaged, and one cartilage was completely worn out. I also had ossified knees and rheumatism. All this pain prevented me from sleep, so I was constantly nervous, tense, anxious and irritable.

I will never forget the day when Predrag Djordjevic realigned my atlas. At that very moment, I started to breath differently, realizing that I had difficulty breathing my entire life. My hearing and even my voice transformed, and my thoughts became clearer. My body and posture went through numerous changes that led to significant improvements in my health. I feel certain that if I didn't have my atlas tuned up, I would be dead.


Rahila Babac (74), Belgrade

All testimonials are subjective and not based on clinical trials.


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