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What is HumanUP?

HumanUP method of atlas tune up is a unique, natural technique, using a special type of massaging tool on the muscles around the atlas - a small bone just under the skull, to achieve a sense of muscle tension relief.

HumanUP method


in atlas realignment

  • relieves tension

  • helps with anxiety and stress

  • improves mood

  • gives a feeling of lightness

  • aids sleep

  • improves mobility of the head

  • promotes a sense of wellness

Do you want to walk tall with a smile on your face? 

The HumanUP method

massages the ligaments in the nape area with a special tool, which relieves muscle tension and promotes a sense of general wellness. 

It includes:

  • a consultationdesigned to offer advice to improve your lifestyle

  • an atlas tune upthat may improve your overall wellbeing

Learn about our treatment here

HumanUP method is not a chiropractic treatment.

WHERE?          London, Bermondsey SE16

HOW MUCH?   from £100 initial treatment followed by £30 - three sessions (if paid in advance)


Back to life

back to vitality

I'm Natalia Mocnik and I am the first and only certified atlasologist by HumanUP method in the UK, who is practising this method.

I love to share my knowledge of healthy lifestyle and natural healing and I am studying for a Naturopathy diploma at the moment.

How can you tell

if you have a misaligned atlas?


There are many tell tale signs in your posture.

Stand in front of the mirror and relax.

Are your shoulders the same height?

Is one more forward than the other?

How about your pelvis?

Lower shoulder = opposite hip problems

Forward shoulder = rotated spine

Is your head in the middle of your shoulders?

Is your pelvis more to the left or to the right?

Lift an arm behind your back. Then the second one. Can you reach the same level?

Head or pelvis not centred = scoliosis - difficulty breathing.

Different height of hands = problems with  vital organs.

Stand to the side and ask a friend to look at you.

Are your ears, shoulders and heels  aligned?

Not in one line = thyroid problems


 It is time that you ensure great health, vitality and wellbeing.

Address the possible underlying causes of any discomforts and

allow your body to self-heal. 


Our vision: a world where everyone can obtain vibrant and lasting health. 

Our mission: helping people gain quality health and wellness through HumanUmethod,  as when you are physically at your best you can achieve more and live a fulfilling life. We love to share our knowledge of healthy lifestyle.

Our values: justice, equality, preserving nature


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